In celebration of their new album, The Stage, Avenged Sevenfold launched a pop up shop in New York City over the weekend. The intimate space showcased new merchandise and the band's latest release.

After fans shopped their hearts out -- buying shirts, jackets, pins, bags and much more Avenged Sevenfold merchandise -- they lined up in the chilly weather to meet with the band for a photo-op. The group ordered pizza for their eager fans and with wine in hand, greeted them with hugs.

Some fans were so excited to meet the band that they broke down in tears while others smiled from ear to ear. The band was thrilled over one miniature fan, a baby, brought to the photo-op by her parents who are Avenged fans. The baby didn’t seem too thrilled to see them but the group tried their best to leave a good impression on her.

Avenged Sevenfold have also held a pop up shop in Los Angeles, as well. Check out our photo gallery of the pop up shop and photo op in New York City above. The band's new album, The Stage, which dropped on Friday, is available at these locations.

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