Three’s a crowd? Not for these awesome acts! Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Rock + Metal Bands With Three Guitarists.

Almost every rock and metal band since the inception of the genres have featured one or two guitarists. Who wants an extra body crammed into your smelly tour van anyway? Well, these 10 bands saved a seat for a third axeman and expanded their sonic landscape because of it.

Of course, the ultimate three-guitarist band is Iron Maiden. The team of Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers have been an integral part of Maiden’s 21st century renaissance. The trio have covered so much musical space with their multilayered sound on records like Brave New World and The Book of Souls.

Let’s get into the more obscure bands that are brilliant in their own right. Cult of Luna have been making some of metal’s most expansive etherial music since 1998. The band’s three-guitar attack leaves no void within incredible works like Vertikal and Mariner. Norway’s Kvelertak also utilize three guitar players for their undeniably fun mix of party rock and heavy metal.

Check out the 10 Greatest Rock + Metal Bands With Three Guitarists in the Loud List above!

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