There are like, nine full days left of August. Summer is winding on down, so, before you start buying pumpkin spice everything, like I'm about to, a good send off to summer is a refreshing Mai Tai. But sometimes Mai Tai's are pricey, that's where Applebee's comes in!

Applebee's wants you to escape to the tropics with their $1 neighborhood drink of the month, the Mai Tai. That's right, for one dollar you can totally hang on to summer for just a bit before your appetizer hits the table. The rum cocktail with pineapple, passion fruit, orange, black cherry, and lime comes with one more important detail, a tiny cocktail umbrella!

Lots of criticism always surrounds Applebee's drink of the month, and sometimes just Applebee's altogether. As a frequent patron of Applebee's for their drink of the month, I can attest that while it's not the fanciest, if you're on a budget, $1 for this Mai Tai is an offer you can't beat! But just because it's one dollar doesn't mean you should overdo it! Always make sure you drink responsibly and have a safe ride home! You don't want to end up being THAT person at the bar who overdid it on their $1 drink and ends up on the bar singing/screaming rock songs at the waitress (which only happened ONE TIME and I am glad no one filmed it and put it on FitFam!).

So, head on out to your nearest Applebee's for this island adventure and escape the heat for just a bit! $1 Mai Tai's continue through August 31st.

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