Movie lovers rejoice! Alamo Drafthouse's "Season Pass" ticket subscription service will be launching later this year. Alamo Drafthouse has become a haven for movie lovers to enjoy comfortable seats, an ever-changing menu of delicious cuisine with a large variety of new and classic films. Now, get ready to make that trip to Alamo even better when they launch their new ticket subscription service called Alamo Season Pass.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Alamo Season Pass will be available for $20 a month and will launch nationwide by the end of the year. Season Pass will give subscribers unlimited access to movies at Alamo Drafthouse theaters and the ability to reserve your seats. Even if you are a Season Pass subscriber but your friend isn't, you can easily purchase additional seats through the Alamo app so you can all sit together. Alamo Drafthouse theaters are known for their new releases movies, as well as classic and cult-favorite films.

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