It's Back to School time for many kids. Students are getting ready to stuff their brains full of math, English and more, but what other classes do they need? School is back and students have their plates full with all the mandatory courses they have to take to graduate. But many adults when they look back at their education question if some of the courses are necessary, and which classes they wish they could have taken. I mean, when was the last time you used the Pythagorean theorem? Or had to differentiate between a rhombus and a trapezoid? Some subjects would have come in handy later on in life if they were actually taught. Here are some of the classes I think would have been more beneficial to students.

Cooking- The fact that many young people have trouble making simple dishes or even just boiling an egg means that this should be a mandatory course. Less takeout and more saving money here.

Automotive- Change a tire, change the oil, read a map or even the basics on how to buy a new car. All of these things are important for many Americans to learn unless you live in New York. Then maybe this class should be how to navigate a subway system. And avoiding creepy people. All seem like a good idea.

Finance- This is a huge thing that many can't do. And you can put a lot of adulting tasks into this course. How to plan for a retirement, how student loans work, how to write a check and why you shouldn't get all the credit cards that are offered to you.

Insurance- This could include health insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance and basically all insurance plans out there. Even differentiate which insurance plans are best for you and which you should walk away from.

Home Economics- More than just cooking, this would include basic needs like how to sew a button on a shirt, etiquette and manners, how to set a table and the all important how to fold a fitted sheet. I still don't think I'm doing it right.

Maintenance- This might fit right between home ec and automotive. How to fix a leaky drain, household repairs, car repairs and how to change out an air conditioning filter. I didn't learn about that until I got a house. Had no idea about it.

Those are just some of the classes I feel would have helped when I was in school, and even more now. Kids in school now don't learn how to do cursive which is something we were taught in the early years of elementary school. I still don't understand how they sign their checks. Maybe they've never had to use a check? Most likely the latter.


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