Two barbecue spots from Amarillo and Abilene were just named two of the best places to get great barbeque in the state!

Texas Monthly boasted proudly,

"I can say, with gusto, that we are living in the golden age of Texas barbecue."

Looking at some of the pictures of the great places on this list I think they're right! They came out with this year's list of the best 50 barbeque restaurants in the Lone Star State. While we would like to spend the rest of this year trying every place on this list, you can thankfully check out a couple right in your towns!

When the lucky writers of Texas Monthly went to visit this spot, they found out that the owner was gone grilling and cooking for the governor. That is how good his food is! They also said that by the time they got there the beef ribs were gone but they were able to sample the pork spareribs which were "just the right amount of sweet." They also said what set the brisket apart was "its subtle smoke, a feature that can be rare in the mesquite-choked prairies of West Texas (though the thick cut did make it a tad tough)." There's also a house-made pork-beef jalapeño sausage you'll want to try as well as decadent dessert like pecan cobbler and Stillwater’s legend-in-the-making banana pudding.

Tyler's has been around since 2010 and the owner Tyler Frazer is the heart of this place. The writers said that " a lot for time and care go into the food and overall experience here." The brisket was said to have thick cuts and pork ribs had a distinct mesquite flavor that could be tasted through and through. They also said that the black-peppercorn sausage was also worth a try. The sauces that are offered were also recommend as delicious.

Both of these restaurants were rated as 4/5 and recommend to go and try! Next time I head to either Amarillo or Abilene, I'm going to have to check both of these places out!

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