Three Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have been confirmed in New Mexico cause NM governor Lujan Grisham to declare a public health emergency in the state. Earlier this morning, the New Mexico Department of Public Health along with New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham announced that there were 3 presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 in the state. According to the press conference, two of the cases involve a husband and wife in their 60s who recently traveled to Egypt. The couple lives in Socorro County and are in their homes in isolation. The third case is a woman in her 70s from Bernalillo County who recently traveled to New York. She is also in isolation in her home.

The governor has now declared a public health emergency in New Mexico which means:

  • State employees cannot travel out-of-state for work
  • Large events are now canceled (i.e. Gathering of Nations)
  • Minimize your exposure by not attending public gatherings

For anyone with questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, you can call the toll-free hotline 855-600-3453.

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