It isn't a song that often comes up when American fans are talking about Kiss' greatest hits, but the 1980 single 'Shandi' enjoyed a healthy chart life in Australia, and the band still plays it whenever they visit the continent on tour -- as they did Saturday night (March 16), in a performance that had greater meaning than usual.

Saturday's show took place in the Queensland city of Mackay, where just last month, a woman named Shandee Blackburn was killed on her way home from work. A huge Kiss fan, Blackburn was actually named for the song, and guitarist Paul Stanley took a moment to acknowledge her absence before a stripped-down performance of 'Shandi' (embedded below). "I think everyone knows about a girl called Shandee Blackburn," Stanley told the crowd, adding, "We lost her and we wish she could be here with us, so why don't we sing a song for her, all of us."

Reporters from quoted Blackburn's mother as saying she didn't know about the tribute ahead of time, admitting she "wasn't looking forward to" the concert because "It was just another one of those days where Shandee should have been there. I was quite angry that she couldn't be there."

Watch Kiss Perform 'Shandi' on March 16, 2013