Updated 9/21: Visconti has stated that he was misquoted by CNN via Twitter. He says he was referring not to a new album, but to the song 'Sue (Or In A Season of Crime),' which will appear on Bowie's upcoming greatest hits album 'Nothing Has Changed.' 

Original article: David Bowie's follow-up to 2013's 'The Next Day' is reportedly on the way. Although we don't have a release date -- or even a title -- his longtime producer Tony Visconti said to look for something in the near future.

"There's gonna be another album, definitely...soon," Visconti told CNN, while promoting an upcoming tour he's doing with drummer Mick "Woody" Woodsmansey, the last surviving member of the Spiders from Mars. The two -- with Visconti on bass -- have assembled a band and are currently playing Bowie's 1970 album, 'The Man Who Sold the World' in its entirety this month across the U.K.

Visconti doesn't expect Bowie, who hasn't given a concert in 10 years, to embark on a tour, although he admitted that he can't be sure with his ever-enigmatic friend. "I don't think he's gonna busk in the Tube...on the Underground," he added. "As far as a concert is concerned I have no idea. He clearly didn't promote 'The Next Day' with a concert and whether he does for the next one I don't know and I couldn't predict that -- it's up to him. It's whatever takes his fancy."

Back in April, Bowie slyly teased that he was working on a new material. In an open letter congratulating Rob Stringer, the head of Columbia Records on an award, he noted that Stringer had served as a "percussionist on my new album," and made it clear that the sessions had taken place after the release of 'The Next Day.'

One new song by Bowie, ‘Sue (Or in a Season Of Crime),’ will be found on 'Nothing Has Changed,' a compilation that will be released on Nov. 18.