After making his fictional TV debut on ‘Pink Station Zero’ in his video for ‘No Shows,’ Gerard Way has made another intergalactic broadcast in the way of a hilarious new promo video. The clip begins right after where the ‘No Shows’ video leaves off with an awkward interview with the yellow-haired host, Juniper Stratford, following Way’s performance.

Stratford asks a series of bizarre yet cliche questions on the talk show, including ‘What do you like about touring in outer space?” Way responds, ‘It’s quiet.’ After an awkward silence, the host asks Way, “What’s your favorite galaxy?” Way slowly and matter-of-factly responds, “Probably, like my home galaxy.”

The interview then takes a somewhat serious turn with Way opening up about his love of music: "Rock ‘n’ roll is something I believe in, I just always have. There’s something about the kinetic force coming off the amplifiers that’s always excited me. It always makes me lose complete control. To me rock ‘n’ roll is all about control its about the loss of control or taking control or who has it.”

The former My Chemical Romance frontman talks about how the guitar is not a popular instrument at the moment. He claims to be going against the grain making guitar centered music saying, “I spent a year making a fuzz rock record and a lot of people are telling old me that guitar is dead, the guitar is not coming back and it’s dead and I just didn’t believe it.”

Way also released a true promo video for ‘Hesitant Alien,’ with live concert footage and a behind the scenes look at his recent U.K festival performances. Watch it below.

‘Hesitant Alien’ will arrive on Sept. 30 via Warner Bros. Records, and is available for pre-order at this location. Fans that pre-order the disc will receive the tracks ‘Action Cat’ and ‘No Shows’ as instant downloads. For the complete 'Hesitant Alien' track list click here.

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