The last time we watched one of these 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 videos, we were treated to a look at Wall Street and Prophet's rampage around the area. This week, we've got the big, bad Typhoon gun.

There's a lot of gameplay featured in this episode. After a short description of the gun from Prophet, we see the Typhoon let loose 500 rounds per minute against a whole host of bad guys. It fires so many rounds out of its eight barrels that we could swear it sounds like a low frequency hum rather than a barrage of gunfire.

Once he's finished perforating the torsos of his enemies, Prophet picks up a flame thrower and starts heating things up before finding the Typhoon again. You can see the reflection of a Big Bad in his visors as he reloads the gun, ready for more action.

The game's looking beautiful and the firefights are smooth and acrobatic. If you have a rig that can play Crysis 3 with the graphics set to high, then we are very jealous.

Check out the new video below and feast your eyes on some of the new screenshots. Crysis 3 will be out come February 19th, 2013, so prepare yourselves accordingly (by which we mean upgrading the hell out of your computer)!