We have always been of the opinion that P!nk was sexy; she's always done whatever she wanted, and we like that in a woman. Okay, also because she has an incredible body. We're picking her today though, because we haven't thought about her in a long time, and we just watched her video for 'Try.' It is, hands down, one of the sexiest music videos we have ever seen. 

Look, it takes a lot for us to care about dancing, but the dancing in this video is awesome. See:


We know dancing is a part of being a pop star, but we had no idea P!nk was this good at it. The song is awesome, she looks really sexy covered in all that colored chalk dust in the desert, and the couple in the video basically spend 3 minutes throwing each other around and having pantomime sex. Sold. Check out the official video below, as well as her live AMA performance, which is somehow just as good?