Charlie Sheen stars in a commercial for Dutch beer Bavaria, where he pokes fun at his own drinking problem and rehab. No, there’s no declarations of “Winning!” or references to tiger’s blood and Adonis DNA.

He is also minus a couple of goddesses in this lighthearted look at Sheen’s past troubles. Well, if you can’t laugh at yourself let the Dutch do it. That’s the expression right?

In the ad, Sheen leaves rehab and that’s when some peculiar things happen. He leaves the clinic, says goodbye to the doctors, joking “Let’s not have a drink sometime” with his attending doctors.

He’s starting anew, enjoying the sun-splashed California day. He notices everyone who shouldn’t be drinking beer doing so: pregnant women, people on the job, cops, fitness freaks on treadmills and more. Wow, we want to live in this world!

Sheen really has no other choice but to be the guy who left rehab and can drink responsibly.