Did you know Barbie lives in Russia? No, she didn’t hop into the Barbie Corvette and hightail it out of town to get away from smooth crotch Ken and the rest of her friends. This is an actual woman that looks ridiculously like the popular doll. Russian Barbie is real — Corvette not included.

Her name is Valeria Lukyanova, but little else is known about this Russian Barbie that looks like a real-life doll except the fact she is A) very real B) creepy yet kind of sexy C) from Russia.  She became an internet sensation in her homeland after posting photos of herself dressed up like the doll, complete with “exaggerated make-up, opaque contact lenses and skimpy clothes.”

Russian Barbie does puts to rest the claim that it would be physically impossible for a real woman to have Barbie’s actual measurements. Russian Barbie seems to be handling her body just splendidly.

We love that Valeria Lukyanova goes to the extreme to look like her favorite plastic doll. We’re sure women would love it just as much to find a real life Ken, from the waist up of course. There are already tons of real Ken dolls from the waist down walking around.  You know — smooth and penisless. Are we right ladies?!?