Ken Levine has dropped some news on his Twitter account, giving us a little teaser for a new BioShock Infinite trailer coming on Tuesday.

The sneak peek is only 18 seconds long, but that's more than enough to get us majorly excited for the trailer itself. A lot of quick images flash at the end of this teaser, all set around a theme of quarantine and experimentation, which makes us feel right at home in a BioShock game.

The Lamb of Columbia is most likely an allusion to Elizabeth, the young woman with incredible powers that the main character, Booker DeWitt, has to smuggle out of the floating city.

This "Lamb" title was also touched on briefly in the most recent "Truth From Legend - Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?" video, which posited that the Songbird was meant to guard it and keep it safe in the city.

We'll see what Ken was teasing when it's revealed on Tuesday and then hope for more promotional goodies before the game's March 26th, 2013 release!

Let us know what you think the next trailer will show!