New to this year's iteration of The Show will be The Show Live, a real-time representation of the actual MLB season, including stats, line-ups, and more.

In the latest development diary for MLB 13: The Show, Sony San Diego dishes the dirt on a great new feature coming to this year's version of the game. Dubbed The Show Live, the new game mode will allow you to play any game from the actual MLB 2013 season with the most up to date rosters and stats. You can play games that have already been completed earlier in the year, or as they're about to begin.

The cool part is the presentation will be reflective of what actually happened during the real MLB season, and won't just be limited to standard exhibition game chatter. If a pitcher is on the verge of a win milestone, or a team is on the brink of the playoffs, all of that will be on display in The Show Live. You can get a better look at what's in store in the video below.