The Ezekiel Elliott saga is almost over. At least, that's what we're being led to believe. Reports are the Ezekiel Elliott is back in Dallas to sign a contract extension. The new deal is reportedly for 6 years, worth $90 million.

While the deal isn't done yet, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk says that the deal is close.

In order to get Zeke the kind of money he wants, Dallas is going to have to get pretty creative with the books or front load the deal. The latter of that is something that the Cowboys don't want to do. But they might have to.

As of now, all we know is that Zeke is back in Dallas to finish the deal. That and Dirk Nowitzki is awesome, posting this earlier today.

If this deal with Zeke does get done, next up for the Cowboys is to sign Dak and Amari. The Dak contract is going to be affected Jared Goff's new deal which is being worked out now and will lock him up until 2024. Goff's new deal is also being said to have the most guaranteed money ever.

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