When will it end? Dear God WHEN WILL IT END?!

Well, that depends on who you are talking to.

On one side you have the Dallas Cowboys. According to them a deal isn't close and the Cowboys are going into the season as if he's not going to be around.

On the other side you have Ezekiel Elliott and his camp who say that a deal is close and could be done in the next 24 to 36 hours. Just take a look at this tweet.

So let's say the Cowboys have to move on from Zeke, at least for a few games. They'll be going with rookie Tony Pollard who was a 4th round pick out of Memphis as the starter, with just Alfred Morris to back him up.

Not exactly how you want to start out a season, but it might be a necessity at this point.

For the Cowboys, the hopes are Pollard is able to play solid to get Zeke's asking price down. Of course on the flip side Zeke is hoping the Cowboys stumble out of the gates and pay up.

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