It's time for another adventure in chemically dependent e-commerce. That's right. Once again, Morning Host Buzz Adams went shopping online after taking a prescription sedative. This is sad on so many different levels.
The only sliver of good news is that Buzz's weird shopping habits seem to indicate some kind of altruism as this week's purchases include ridiculous crap that he bought for his co-workers:

If you didn't watch the video, everyone's Infinity Gauntlet rings arrived.


A wedding ring tells the world, "I'm married!" This ring tells the world, "I'm a complete dork, unworthy of love." If this is the message you want to send here's the link.

Note: we never figured out definitively what the corded craft supplies are for. Our best guess is still that they're used in home candle-making but Buzz swears he has no interest in making candles. Since one of the side effects of the drug Lunesta is a retroactive memory-wipe, we'll probably never now. If you think you know, we'd appreciate any input.

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