A new survey asked people about their face washing methods. And it looks like the majority of people are doing it wrong. Here are some of the top things people are doing wrong.

  1. Not doing it enough. You should be washing your face at least twice a day. In the morning and before bed.
  2. Only using water. This is something we have to tell Buzz about washing his hands. If you use only water, you're only rinsing, not washing. Use soap!
  3. Using really hot water. If you want to do what's best for your skin, make sure you use lukewarm water.
  4. Rubbing your towel on face to dry it. This will dry out your skin. You should blot it with the towel.
  5. Not washing your face after you've been sweating. If you work out, or just live in West Texas where it's crazy hot, you should be washing your face after you sweat. This helps keep your pores clean.

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