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He did it by…no kidding…holding scissors with his toes. That’s strange. He looks armless enough.

Wales News Service

(We don’t have video of this arrest but here’s what amounts to a re-enactment done 20 years ago.)

(Is…is there some kind of cocaine that looks like brown sugar? Or, is there some kind of brown sugar that looks like cocaine??)


(That’s a photo from the interior dash-cam of the couple cuddling and kissing which Officer Doug McNeal, appearantly, didn’t have a problem with. He’s in trouble, though, because once they arrived at the county jail Officer McNeal left them unguarded and that’s when they began “gratifying each other sexually”. So it’s not like he condoned what they were doing.)

Here’s their mugshots:

Brevard County Sheriff's office

She looks very, very sad but for some reason he looks…less sad? Her mugshot seems to say, “What have I allowed my life to become?” while his says, “Yeah, buddy!”