What would you do for some pizza? How about filling out a form with your personal information, like your email address? Well, according to martketwatch.com it's actually rather unlikely that you'd do that. 74% of people say that it's very important to them who gets their personal information. Which means, they'd be less likely to give out their personal information something like some free pizza.

Now, your friends seem to be pretty quick to sell you out. According to the same study:

Half of the students were given a small incentive in the form of an order of pizza to share with friends and 98% of those shared emails. Fewer students — 94% — gave up friends’ email addresses when not given any incentives. In the non-incentivized group, 6% input fake emails to protect their friends’ identities. Not giving an email address was also not an option.

Of course, you'll note at the end that it says that not giving an email address was not an option. If that was the case though, I'm still putting in a fake email for me, or my friends.

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