The New York Yankees are currently sitting a couple of games above .500 at 12 and 10. Which isn't too shabby, considering who they have on their injured list. Here is what the Yankees starting line up would be, if it were comprised of only players that are ON the injured list right now:

  1. Center field - Aaron Hicks
  2. Right field - Aaron Judge
  3. Left field - Giancarlo Stanton
  4. Catcher - Gary Sanchez
  5. Shortstop - Didi Gregorious
  6. Third base - Miguel Andujar
  7. First base - Greg Bird
  8. Second base - Troy Tulowitzki
  9. DH - Jacoby Ellsbury

Starting Pitcher - Luis Severino

Relief Pitcher - Dellin Betances

If you were to take this line up and put it up against any other team in the league, the Yankees injured list team is probably winning more than losing. Some of these guys should be coming off the injured list soon though and back into the line up.

But for now, we can think about how the Yankees have an embarrassment of riches and marvel at the team that is just sitting around, collecting paychecks while they heal from a myriad of injuries.




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