Business is looking up for this tattoo artist. A couple thousand feet up.

That's because he gave a tattoo to a woman while skydiving.

What was she th"ink"ing? See what we did there? We put the "ink" in "thinking." Clever, right?

Shan Claydon, who works for The Fountainhead Tattoo in Edmonton, Canada, is the genius who pulled off stunt, tattooing the word "Ahhh" on the woman's wrist while a team of helpers managed to keep her pinned down as they fell to the earth at 120 miles per hour.

It's unclear if Claydon actually finished the entire tat in the air, but even if he didn't it's still a pretty amazing that the "Ahhh" didn't come out as, you know, "R&h?y7."

See the original video below.

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