Disturbed are blazing a trail of destruction following their comeback this year, ending a four year hiatus with a No. 1 album in Immortalized. The band have not missed a step and sound as fresh and energetic as ever, spouting hit songs like "The Vengeful One" and most recently, "The Light." The latter has been burning up the charts, hitting No. 5 on Rock Radio and now we have a video to accompany this scorcher!

"The Light" showcases the lighter side of Disturbed, heavy on melody with an emotional video to properly reflect David Draiman's lyrics. The video is full of powerful imagery. The opening scene shows a patient on a gurney in a hospital, wrapped in bandages with clips flashing back to a building engulfed in raging flames. A firefighter is seen being swallowed by debris as flaming beams trap the man.

He is rescued and brought to the hospital, bringing the viewer up to speed. As the bandages are stripped, they reveal severe burns to the firefighter, who is initially discouraged, especially when seeing the mangled flesh adorning half of his face.

The lyrics deal with tragedy and triumph, being able to find grace in the most extreme and unnerving circumstances. Though he is broken, the man finds comfort as his partner encourages him to keep going on, smiling at him along the way with a show of support.

Disturbed will be hitting the road in March of next year for a month-long North American jaunt. For a full list of dates, check out our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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