I’m sure there are plenty of Walter White’s in the United States who AREN’T mixed up with meth. But today we’re looking about Walter Whites who ARE in “the trade”. Let’s do a recap and an update.

Even if you didn’t watch Breaking Bad you’re probably familiar with THIS guy.

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That’s actor Bryan Cranston who plays the role of chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-kingpin Walter White. Back in 2013, a man was arrested in Montana for possessing and selling meth. That man’s name…Walter White.

Billings Police Dept.

He’s got a pretty good Heisenberg goatee going on but other than that he doesn’t bear much resemblance to the TV character. The same could not be said for a man whose mugshot was circulated last week in Illinois…for meth-related reasons!

Galesburg Police Dept.

Now, this man’s name isn’t Walter White but…HOLY CRAP! How much does he look like the TV character?!? A lot. A lot like the character is the correct answer.

Not just the bald head and the goatee, either. Down to the eye squint, this guy looks like the world’s best Breaking Bad cos-player! And I think that may even include Bryan Cranston who famously cos-played as himself at Comic-Con a few years ago!

This look-alike’s name is Todd W. Barrick and he’s wanted for violating his parole. He was ON parole for possession of methamphetamine. The cops posted his mugshot on Facebook and are asking the public to help find him. Presumably, tips have already come in for sightings at carwashes in New Mexico, isolated cabins in Vermont or celebrity residences in Hollywood.

There’s one other Walter White left to mention: Walter White, the Alabama meth cook that they based the TV character on.


The real Walter White was a high school drop-out, not a high school teacher. He did, it seems from this report from Vice News, take a lot of pride in his chemistry skills, though.