I have officially finished season two of Netflix's hit crime series "Mindhunter." The show, if you've never seen it, centers around agents Holden Ford and William "Bill" Tench, along with psychologist Dr. Wendy Carr. The series is based on the true-crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit written by John E. Douglas- the actual agent Holden Ford is inspired by. The show tells the story of how the BSU- Behavioral Science Unit- originated within the FBI and all of us on the show absolutely love it!

The first season, which I binged in one weekend, came out nearly two years ago. While we all anxiously waited for the second season to come out, I was surprised at how I didn't do my usual binge. It took me a little while longer to finish this second season, not because it wasn't worthy, but because I actually took my time watching and reviewing each episode. Like agents Ford and Tench, I looked back at each episode and reviewed clues and looked for things I might have missed before. As I was reviewing one of the clues, it hit me, all of us on the morning show are totally someone from "Mindhunter"! Each one of us represents a character from the show, check out some of the evidence:

  • Brandon:

Brandon is totally agent Holden Ford. Like agent Ford, Brandon worked somewhere else before eventually being reassigned to our morning show. Like Ford, Brandon has a particular way of doing his job, everything has to be in a certain order. Ford has an eagerness to understand the criminal mind, and as time went by he eventually found himself easily connecting with his interviewees, Brandon has that same quality, when we have guests Brandon has a great way of connecting with them. It's also very helpful when working with someone like Buzz.

  • Lisa:

Lisa is agent Bill Tench. Tench is a little more experienced, and when working with someone like Buzz, Lisa, who was on the show years ago, her experience and advice is valuable. Lisa, like Tench, knows the ins and outs of the industry and has the right connections. Although Ford and Tench's personality sometimes clash, they generally work well together which, again, is important when working with someone like Buzz.

  • Joanna: 

I am like Dr. Wendy Carr. Dr. Carr is not an agent, I am not a co-host, I am the phone screener, and like Dr. Carr I have a different point of view of the show. Like Dr. Carr, I am socially progressive. Also, like Dr. Carr, I have to let Brandon and Lisa do their job first in order for me to be able to come in and do my job properly. Sometimes, when things get out of hand, I have to remain level-headed and that is sometimes hard to do around here. Then, the three of us put our research together to find a way to somehow work with someone like Buzz.

  • Buzz:

Buzz is Edmund Kemper. Also known as "The Co-Ed Killer," Kemper killed a total of ten people, including his grandparents and mother, he's really tall and is known for having a high IQ. Now, I'm not saying Buzz killed anyone, but Buzz is really intelligent. Kemper turned himself in and authorities didn't believe him, and again, I'm not saying he has or he will, but I'm pretty sure that if Buzz were to try to turn himself in authorities would not believe him either! Kemper is extremely proud of his voice-over work, he's voiced hundreds of audio books for the blind, and Buzz, of course is KNOWN for being the voice of the morning show. Again, I feel I have to reiterate, Buzz is not a killer but sometimes he says things that make me think "A serial killer would totally say that."

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