I've been going to baseball games since I was a young kid. The Portland Beavers were the home town team, and are also the reason I'm a Minnesota Twins fan because they were the Triple A affiliate of the Twins.

There's no fathomable way for me to count how many games I've been to in my life. From Beaver's games, to making the trip up to Seattle for Mariner's games, to countless Marlin's games in South Florida, and now to Chihuahua's games in El Paso, it's a lot.

But despite having been to so many games, I still have never caught a home run. In fact, I've never even caught a foul ball. I had one come really close at a Marlin's game on time, but one of my friends let the ball bounce off his hat that he was holding and it ended up rolling a few rows in front of us.

Well, Market Watch has come up with a list of where you are most likely to catch a home run in all the different MLB ball parks. If you follow the link, you can see not only which stadiums have the most home runs, but also where you should sit in those stadiums.

So this would be taking care of two birds with one stone. I can fulfill a life long dream of going to every ball park in the US, and upping my odds of catching a home run ball. First stop, Yankee Stadium, Field Level 105. That's where the most home runs are hit.

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