The Mosho recently made a trip out to Concordia Cemetery to hang out with the ghosts for a night. And by MoSho, I mean myself and Joanna. Lisa was stuck at the Houston airport as her trip to Ecuador was being cancelled and Buzz showed up, only to promptly leave. Seriously, he made the trip all the way out there, only to leave before it started. Which was probably for the best because we were able to enjoy the experience without him being a pain in the butt.

As we were getting ready to travel around the cemetery, we were told to download one of the ghost hunter apps. There were lots of options, and the first one I picked was Ghost Radar Classic. One of the coolest parts of these apps is they "read" electro-magnetic fields and produce words that are being communicating to you from the grave. Here is what Ghost Radar Classic looks like with the word given on the top.

Ghost Radar Classic (Mirror)

After about 10 minutes, this app wasn't doing much for me. Although, it did speak the word which was kind of freaky. So I switched to the app Emily was using called Ghost Detector.

Ghost Detector (Find Her)

Now, here comes the creepy part. As we were learning about La Lechuza, a witch that can mimic sounds like a baby crying, and when you go outside to check on the sound, she snatches you up to eat you! As we're hearing this story, BAM! That's when "Find Her" pops up on my phone.

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