Valentine's Day is now less than a week away and apparently single people don't want to hear your crappy advice. Of course, since I have a girlfriend, I've put my efforts into finding Buzz a date with a Tinder date. Despite him not wanting anything to do with it, he's starting to open up to online dating more and more each day.

Singles In America did a survey with a bunch of singles and apparently 65% of people don't want your advice. And here are the top three things that singles hate to hear leading up to Valentine's Day.

1.  "You've got to put yourself out there."


2.  "Don't be so picky."


3.  "It will happen when you least expect it."

When it does come to advice here is how each gender breaks down who they go to for advice.

  • Males
    • 48% go to other men
    • 34% go to female friends
    • 13% go to their ex
  • Females
    • 66% go to their female friends
    • 35% go to males
    • 27% go to their parents

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