Oh Reddit, how you never cease to amaze me. I landed on this AskReddit question and the top answer was absolutely fantastic.

Coming from user peanutbuttersucks:

Tried to call my phone, using my phone, to find my phone.

Now, I'm a rather large klutz early in the morning. Hell, I'm a klutz when I'm wide awake. But the grogginess always adds to the story. The klutziest thing I've ever done was probably walking down the stairs and my heel slipping out from underneath me, and ass sliding all the way down the stairs right in front of my girlfriend at the time. Who then proceeded to laugh, pause, then continue to laughing when she realized I was okay.

However, I did have a boneheaded moment last week. I missed Monday because my back was messed up, so I couldn't miss Tuesday. I went to bed early on Monday (around 5pm) and woke up at 8. Thinking I had slept through the show. I honestly thought it was 8am the next day. So of course I woke up in panic mode, only to realize it was only 8pm.