That is the question asked in the following Youtube video by the comedy team of Jed Feiman and Nehemiah Markos.

I wrote previously about the movie (now in theaters) in which there’s a worldwide power outage and the following day only one guy remembers that The Beatles ever existed.

The protagonist in that movie, a struggling musician named Jack, eventually begins releasing the songs of the Fab Four as his own original compositions. He has trouble with some details, like remembering all the words to Eleanor Rigby, but…no matter…he ends up being propelled to international stardom.

But what if the stakes were even higher? What if a random guy woke up one morning to discover he was the only person in the world to remember….rapper DMX??? How would his friends and family respond when they heard him spitting out the beautiful poetry that is Ruff Ryder’s Anthem? How would reality even BE like in a world that had never heard X Gon’ Give it to You?

You’ll see…

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