Clickbait has made it's way into the Oxford Dictionary. And reddit recently brought up the question of what if movies were described as a clickbait headline. So I decided to take a crack at it and see if Buzz and Joanna could guess the movie based on the clickbait headline.

  1. Here's our list of all the elements. You won't believe what the last one is! -  5th Element
  2. Three students wanted to make a documentary! Find out how it all went wrong. - Blair Witch Project
  3. You'll never guess who his father is! - Empire Strikes Back
  4. Perfect pairings for fava beans will leave you shocked! - Silence of the Lambs
  5. You won’t believe why this kid was forced to grow up and get a job overnight - Big
  6. What’s in this box will shock you! - Seven
  7. He used what to grow potatoes?! - The Martian
  8. He had her with one simple word, but his other speech is more memorable - Jerry MaGuire
  9. He went from Alabama football to filthy rich, how he it did it will leave you amazed - Forrest Gump
  10. After his wife passes away, you’ll never guess what this man does to get away - Up
  11. Boxing match ends up with multiple men dead, you won't believe how! - Snatch
  12. They shot his dad, what he does next to save his life will leave you amazed - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  13. You’ll never guess what this one man did to prove a boys innocence - 12 Angry Men
  14. It will shock you how this man went from wanting to fulfill her wish, to becoming a pirate - Princess Bride
  15. All he wanted to do was find Francis, you won’t believe the lengths he went to to find him - Deadpool