The askreddit part of reddit is great if you're ever looking for a conversation started, or just want to see what people think of something. I stumbled on this one about conspiracy theories. On the show we've had many discussions about conspiracy theories. From Buzz getting under the skin of the Big Foot hunters, to almost any time we have David Rodriguez in the studio.

But this discussion was more for people who don't buy in to the conspiracy theories but still enjoy them. And that tends to be me. I love reading about conspiracy theories, not matter how far out there they are. From the moon landing, to lizard people, to the Illuminati.

One of the first posts from this reddit thread is someone mentions the moon conspiracy theory. Not the faked moon landing. But whether or not the moon is real. I could spend hours reading about stuff like this because it intrigues me. But still don't buy in. I think that's why I love the podcast Skeptoid.

What about you? What conspiracies do you not buy in to, but still enjoy? Or what conspiracies do you believe in?

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