Are you excited? Because I'm excited. Rage Against the Machine kicks off their tour in El Paso coming up on March 26th at the Don Haskins Center. Wanna get really pumped for the show? This is footage from Rage's first public appearance back on October 23, 1991. Straight from the band's Wikipedia page:

Shortly after forming, they gave their first public performance on October 23, 1991, at the Quad of California State University, Northridge.


Here is the setlist from this first show.

  • Killing In The Name
  • 02:21 - Take The Power Back
  • 08:55 - Auto Logic
  • 12:09 - Bullet In The Head
  • 18:57 - Hit The Deck
  • 23:24 - Township Rebellion
  • 28:57 - Darkness Of Greed
  • 32:56 - Clear The Lane
  • 37:16 - Clampdown
  • 41:05 - Know Your Enemy
  • 46:08 - Freedom

Now here is my dilemma. Tickets are on sale Thursday (2/13) at 11am Mountain Time. But I'm not sure which show I want to try to get tickets to. Do I go for the first show in El Paso? It's on a Thursday, and I have to be up at 3am the following morning. So Las Cruces? It is a Saturday show, but I'll have to drive more.

I'm not sure. I still have to actually get tickets first.

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