Dr. Phil answered Bam Margera’s cries for help. The Jackass / Viva La Bam star appeared on Dr. Phil last night (Sept. 9) and got highly emotional while speaking about his son Phoenix Wolf, his relationship with wife Nikki and his history of drug use.

Rumors of Margera’s use of meth was confirmed by April, who claimed she found burnt out light bulbs in Bam’s house, along with a delivery of methamphetamine in his mailbox. Bam didn’t admit to meth use, but did speak to Dr. Phil about his cocaine use during his mid-to-late 20s and that he takes Adderall every day. Bam claimed his alcoholism is more manageable now than in previous years, when he’d wake up to a drink of Jack Daniels.

The most compelling piece of Bam’s Dr. Phil episode was when the Jackass cast member spoke about his nearly two-year-old son. “He’s like my best friend and I’ve know him for not even two years,” Margera said through tears. “He’s the best, he’s perfect. He’s the raddest kid ever. I would dive into any train or anything and get stabbed or shot or whatever just to make sure [he was safe].”

As for Bam’s relationship with his wife, Dr. Phil called Margera’s behavior toward Nikki “abusive.” After Bam yelled at Nikki, Dr. Phil interjected, “You’ve been yelling at her, you’ve been saying, ‘I gave you three rules. You do this, you do that, you do this… That’s just purely abusive. You’re being completely abusive with her.”

The show ended by covering Margera’s post-interview antics, including a “Dr. Phil” tattoo and getting arrested in the lobby of a hotel. Though Bam’s initial stay at rehab following the taping didn’t pan out, Dr. Phil reports he’s back in rehab and “making great strides” at a new facility.

We’d like to wish Bam Margera and his family the very best in his recovery. Fans can watch the full episode with Bam Margera on Dr. Phil’s website.

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