Though he's known for his Jackass stunts, this is one stunt Bam Margera may not have been expecting. As reported by TMZ, Margera currently has his wrist in a cast after taking a nasty tumble at a skatepark.

TMZ footage below shows Margera putting his skateboard to use, skating up a ramp, but not exactly sticking the landing as he'd hoped as he writhes on the ground in pain after letting out a scream.

Bam told TMZ that it was a trick that he hadn't tried in over a year, and that when he landed, his arm bent backwards with the bones nearly breaking his skin. Bam had reportedly been attending an AA meeting across the street from the Hobbit Skate Park in Delray Beach, Florida when he decided to hop on the board during a break.

Margera has been through some difficult times since the height of Jackass' early heyday. He entered rehab for the first time in 2009 and went back in 2015.  He didn't finish either program.  After getting arrested for a DUI in 2018, he checked himself into another facility. Managing to stay sober for a few months, he was back in rehab in 2019, and then leaving after just 10 days.  Then came an appearance on Dr. Phil where he begged for help.

Things came to a head for Margera after was fired from Jackass Forever. He was reportedly let go from the movie for failing to abide by a contract forbidding drug use. Margera claimed wrongful termination for testing positive for Adderall, which he says was unfair as he had been prescribed that medication. He later sued and supposedly settled that lawsuit with the producers of the film. Shortly after, he entered his latest rehab stint.

Just last month, Margera left a drug and alcohol treatment center following a one-year program. The former Jackass star had been living near the rehab center in Boca Raton and has been attending outpatient classes. According to TMZ, as a result of his battles with drugs and alcohol, he's been refusing painkillers as he recovers from the broken wrist.

We wish Bam the best on his recovery from the injury.

Bam Margera Skatepark Fall

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