Do you struggle with being competent? Here are three easy tricks to make you SEEM more competent to others.

  1. Speak Quickly - In 1975, a group of people listened to recordings of people sped up and slowed down. The sped up voices were consistently chosen as the ones sounding most competent. There was also a 1991 study done that showed that people have less time to think critically about what you're saying when you speak quickly.
  2. Ask for Advice - In 2015, Harvard did a study that showed when students were asked a question from a "partner", they rated that partner as more competent.
  3. If You're a Leader, Don't Ask for Advice - A 2015 study published in The Leadership Quarterly, found that if you're a leader and you ask for help, it makes you seem less competent.
  4. Act a Little Cold - If you act warm to people, you come off as less competent.

One extra thing that made the list is - don't send work emails with emojis. But honestly, why would anyone above the age of 12 do that?

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