Do you find yourself spending more at the grocery than you want? There might be a reason for it. Your phone.

A recent study was done at Babson College and the University of Tennessee that looked at how our phones can affect the way we shop. And it turns out people who are on their phones spend A LOT more money at the grocery store.

One study showed that people added 45% more items to their cart when they used their phone. A different study showed it as high as 58%.

When checking their phones for social media and responding to texts, the average person spent 41% more money. Their final bill was increased 25 to 50 cents for every second they were on the phone.

What is the reason for the increase? You're distracted which makes you go slower. That means you're in the store longer, and the longer you're in the store, the more items you'll buy and the more money you'll spend.

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