The big topic of conversation earlier this week was the Texas lady who got banned from a Walmart after riding in an electric scooter through the parking lot and drinking wine. Sure, it sounds strange, but it gets stranger! The call to police station came in at around 6:30... IN THE MORNING! And this lady, who is a now my hero, was not just drinking wine from a wine glass, no sir, she was drinking wine from a Pringles can!

Apparently this went on for a few hours before the employees had had enough and called the police. I, on one hand had a few questions. First, do the Walmart scooters actually last that long? It seems like every time I'm at a Walmart those things are either out of order or in need of charging! Second, what size Pringles can was she drinking out of? The snack pack size or the longer one? And third, and probably the most important question: were the Pringles chips still inside the can? Who can give me these answers?

While I look for a reputable source who can give me the answers that I need, I thought it'd be fun to go around and say what we'd all do that would get us banned from Walmart. Here's what I think the MoSho would be banned for:

  • Joanna Barba

    Drinking in front of the TV Displays


    I'll go first. If this lady could drink out of a Pringles can, I would totally drink out of a Takis bag! But seriously, I would probably be banned for popping open a cold one checking out the TV displays.

  • KLAQ

    Berating a Cashier


    Brandon is known for having a temper. Mainly because he has to basically babysit Buzz. Imagine having someone at Walmart push his buttons, watch out because Brandon the Producer will not tolerate it! Brandon would be banned after a cashier fails to get his items bagged properly causing Brandon to yell at them.

  • KLAQ

    Fighting a little kid for the last toy WWE Belt


    We all know Lisa loves her some WWE. She takes it very seriously and when one of Lisa's friends has a WWE party, you can best bet that Lisa will go all out. Lisa would be banned for fighting with a little kid for that LAST WWE toy belt... and winning!

  • KLAQ

    Falling asleep on the display furniture


    Oh, Buzz and his Lunesta. I'm amazed sometimes that Buzz doesn't fall asleep on the show. We've all seen his Z-Bay episodes, so it would come as no surprise that Buzz would fall asleep on the display furniture while waiting for his girlfriend to shop. Making it worst? His snoring, which is not healthy according to his sleep study.