For years and years, since 1977 actually, we've known that Stormtroopers aren't the greatest of shots. In fact, they're terrible shots. I always wondered if the Empire was able to track where stray blaster shots came from, and if they would send the repair bill to each Stormtrooper.

Well, this video recently hit YouTube and we finally have Stormtroopers hitting the target.

And of course this reminds me of the conversation they had in the movie Clerks. When the Death Star was blown up, were there independent contractors who ended up being collateral damage? Well, you can decide for yourself with this clip from Clerks.


Aaaaaand, thanks to YouTube, I'm not thinking about the clip from Clerks 2 where Randal argues the point that The Lord of the Rings is incredibly boring. I mean, come one. It's walking, with some walking, with some more walking.

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