Does this video, purported to have been taken near Lake Phantom in Abilene, show an ABC (Anomalous Big Cat)? Believe it or not, sightings of large jungle cats are reported enough in parts of the world that there not supposed to be that there is an entire lengthy Wikipedia page dedicated to them.

Actually, that Wikipedia entry is just for sightings of giant cats in the U.K. ALONE. To get the full breadth of people reporting big, out-of-place panthers you need to go to THIS link.

That’s a lot of people all over the world claiming Big Cat sightings. So, is this video evidence?

It’s fitting that this video was (again, allegedly) shot at Lake Phantom since another term for Anomalous Big Cats is “Phantom Cats”.

The Texas Department of Wildlife offers a few suggestions for what this might be in the video…

1.) Melanistic (think “opposite of albino”) jaguars that have migrated north from their habitats in Mexico and South America.

2.) Jaguarundi which are wild cats slightly larger than house cats that ARE believed to exist in North America.

3.) A normal housecat photographed from a perspective that makes it look bigger than it is.

4.) An undiscovered population of big cat, possibly remnants of the last ice age.

That last one is the most fringe theory. I mean, obviously, right? We all know that Black Panthers actually all come from the small African nation of Wakanda. Duh.

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