Thanks to the eagle-eye of YouTuber 400 lb. Hacker we now know why Hillary Clinton so overwhelmingly crushed Donald, saw him driven before her and heard the lamentations of his women.


As the following video clearly shows, Killary was subtly communicating with Lester Dolt using a system of hand gestures. When she wanted to get in a "zinger" she would always signal by scratching her left check. She did this every single time, except for the times it was her chin or her right cheek. When Shrillary did this, her pawn Lester Holt would IMMEDIATELY let her get her point in if we use the word "immediately" to mean "within a minute or two" or "when Trump was going over his time limit" or "when Trump was wrapping up his point anyway".  What do you expect from a member of the lame-stream media like Holt who's only been a registered Republican since 2003??

Don't believe me?! Watch the video yourself, "sheeple". It's right there in living color with a smooth jazz music bed on this video.

"400 lb. Hacker" doesn't speculate on what Donald was trying to signal every time he sniffled but I suspect he was trying to signal to "2nd Amendment people" who might be in audience that NOW would be a good time to use their "2nd Amendment Rights" on Shillary.

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