Facebook has officially launched their in-app dating feature appropriately named "Facebook Dating". The goal is for people who are listed as "single" in their relationship status to find that special person for life, not just for a hookup. You can opt into the dating feature through the mobile app, apparently it's not available through the desktop version. Now, I've seen The Social Network, wasn't Facebook already a dating app to begin with? I know a few people whose relationship started through and because of Facebook, I also know a few people whose relationship has ended because of Facebook.

Like most dating apps, the feature takes your information from Facebook directly. It takes your name, your location and where you work. One thing that it's missing? Your relationship status. According to Insider, when Facebook generates your new dating profile it adds all the information you have but completely removes the relationship status that you may already have set in your regular Facebook profile. It does, however, leave a space for you to describe yourself in emojis.

According to the app's FAQ page, "You can also choose how you want to present yourself to potential matches, like whether you provide different information than you have on your Facebook profile, and if you share details such as your hometown, religion, occupation and more within Dating." Users may be worried that by removing your relationship status all together, Facebook is making it easier for people to start affairs, especially since Facebook won't share your dating profile with any of your current Facebook friends. This means, if you're already in a relationship, not only could you totally start your own dating profile, no one on your friends list will snitch to your significant other.

Of course, none of this is an exclusive problem to Facebook, other apps like Tinder and Match certainly don't need verification that you're single to create a profile. People lie about their relationship status all the time, especially on dating apps. Facebook obviously has some kinks to work out. I'm sure creating a dating profile on Facebook is much easier than refreshing your exes profile to check their relationship status (looking at you, Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network).

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