Okay, so here's the quick rundown of the whole story:

  • Guy asked LucasFilm if he can crowd fund and monetize a Star Wars fan film.
  • LucasFilm says no.
  • He goes ahead with the fan film knowing he wont make money because it's a passion project.
  • He uploads the video to YouTube.
  • Someone from Disney or Warner Chappell manually flagged the video claiming it sounded too much like the music they own the rights to.
  • Disney ended up monetizing the video since they own the rights to pretty much all of it.
  • HERE'S THE UPDATE - LucasFilm ended up stepping in and made Disney take the claim down. So now no one is making money off the fan film.

Again, I have no problem with what Disney did. They own the rights to all of this stuff. But I also get what LucasFilm is doing by getting the fanbase on its side. Of course, all that was happening was an ad would run before the fan film. Not the end of the world.

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