Two-year-old Maddy Dellaca learned to sing the Star-Spangled Banner after hearing her dad sing it every day for a year while practicing to do the anthem at a minor league baseball game in Iowa.

Maddy's mom reacted quickly enough when Maddy decided to do her version of the anthem while using a step-ladder as a stage (at one point, Maddy almost loses her balance and says, "Whoopsie Daisy" without breaking her singing stride).

The video is posted below and here's a handy lyric guide so you can know the correct words to 2-year-old Maddy Delacca's Star-Spangled Banner:

Oh, a-say can youuuuu cheeeeee
By a dah er we yight
What so powwww uh weeee we hayal
At dee tye yight's uhhhh eeee

And that's when she almost falls of the step ladder.

Here you go. My favorite non-Whitney Houston, non-Ray Charles version of the Star-Spangled Banner:

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