It’s Wednesday, which means it’s ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ time! This episode features one of our most requested guests, Trivium frontman Matt Heafy!

You asked, so we listened! Heafy was over-the-top excited to find out what falsehoods about him live on Wikipedia, as the site once prematurely declared the musician dead. Matt didn’t have to wait long to clear things up, as Wikipedia misspelled his middle name.

From there, we delved into Heafy’s childhood and his earliest attempt at joining a band at just 11 years old. He didn’t get the part after his performance of Blink-182’s “Dammit” fell flat, but Heafy joined what would become Trivium just a couple years later after shredding his way through some Metallica classics. Wikipedia says the Trivium members, including Matt, agreed his voice was awful at first, but Heafy cleared up a few facts surrounding that entry.

Though Matt is obviously a more-than-capable guitar player, it’s true that he can’t read sheet music for the instrument. Wikipedia claims Matt can read scores printed for saxophone and banjo, but they only got it half right. Heafy even told us about his one-man emo project, which he wrote a single song for in under an hour while hopped up on booze.

Check out the Matt Heafy edition of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ above! To grab a copy of Trivium’s most recent album, Silence in the Snow, click here.

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