Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has announced a new collaborative project with hip-hop artist nothing,nowhere. The duo will release their Bloodlust EP next month, but you can hear the first single “Destruction” right now.

Barker is one of the most prolific drummers in modern music. Beyond Blink-182 and the Transplants, the musician has made music with Slash, Yelawolf, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Wayne and plenty of other massive artists. Likewise, nothing,nowhere has integrated himself in rock and roll culture, touring with Thrice and recording “hopes up” with Dashboard Confessional.

“Travis has been a huge influence on me my whole life. He is the reason I became interested in tattoos at a young age and was also one of the main reasons I decided to start learning how to play instruments. Working with him was some of the most fun I’ve had making music. it was just an organic process, it reminded me of hanging at a friend’s house when I was younger and just creating to create,” the rapper says about “Destruction.”

Barker adds, “I love making music with Joe. He lives in a universe between genres like myself and does it so well. It’s like hanging out with an old friend that skates, listens to everything I do, and we just happen to be making music at the same time. Joe’s a triple threat, this EP showcases that.”


Listen to “Destruction” below.

Pre-orders for the Bloodlust EP are now available. Click here for Blink-182’s remaining tour dates with Lil Wayne and here for nothing,nowhere’s upcoming tour with grandson.

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