Was that title a little click-baity? It felt a little click-baity.

The mayor of El Paso, Republican Dee Margo, spoke to the press yesterday about ongoing aid efforts AND about the President’s scheduled visit on Wednesday to the city.

The hilarious part of his comments are at the 3:27 mark in the video.

“This is the Office of the Mayor of El Paso, in an official capacity, welcoming the Office of the President of the United States. Which I consider my…formal…duty”.

OH…EMM…GEE! Mayor Margo basically said, “I’m doing this because it has to be done. This isn’t even me, Dee Margo, welcoming him. This is some Platonic IDEAL of The Office of Mayor doing it.”

That is one of the most politically baller things I’ve ever seen anyone do. Especially in 2019. There are so many, many republican politicians who are personally AGHAST at what this president stands for. But they won’t say it because they fear the political repercussions.

Later (at the 7:55 mark) Margo notes that during Trump’s last visit to El Paso, “I was noted from the podium, as I recall”. The context of that comment was that in the lead up to his visit, Trump has characterized El Paso as a city that had a very, very bad problem with violent crime UNTIL a barrier was built and that because of that barrier El Paso, almost overnight, became one of the safest cities in America.

This was patently and demonstrably untrue. Whatever Margo said to Trump it resulted in him not only being persona non grata at the rally but to him actually being verbally attacked by the POTUS in his own charming and erudite vernacular (“full of crap” is how I think Trump put it). Ted Cruz, who had once called candidate Trump “a sniveling coward” was up there on the stage. So, I like to think whatever Dee said to Don was even stronger than “sniveling coward”.

Now THAT’S the kind of Republican leader I can support! I’m so supportive, in fact that I want to start a fan club for Margo supporters…Dee’s Nuts! We’re not just fans of Dee’s. We’re nuts for the guy! So, if ANY politician from ANY party wants to mischaracterize and malign this wonderful city, you know what they’ll be faced with? That’s right…Dee’s Nuts.

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