I originally posted a blog about moving Halloween to a weekend back in July. You can find that blog by CLICKING HERE.

What shocked me most about that blog was the amount of negative feedback coming from people getting butt hurt about wanting to move Halloween. Apparently wanting to move Halloween was only something "libterds" wanted to do.

On the MoSho we talk about this often because every year. About how nice it would be if Halloween was always on a Saturday so you could enjoy it more and not have to worry about getting up early the next day. That's it.

The petition I had linked to talked about the safety issue with Halloween landing on a weekday. Well, autoinsurance.org has put together some stats about Halloween being more dangerous when it lands on a weekday.

  • There's an 83% increase in deadly crashes involving kids when Halloween lands on a weekday.
  • There's a 55% jump in pedestrian fatal crashes when Halloween is a weekday.

These are a couple of the stats that are brought up. You can find the whole article by CLICKING HERE.

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